This is for my friend Kate.  I can see her doing this.

Things to do with gummy bears.

Funny pictures about Gummi Bear Surgery. Oh, and cool pics about Gummi Bear Surgery. Also, Gummi Bear Surgery photos.

this is literally the funniest thing i have ever in seen in my entire life.

The best time wasting materials

Pray for People of Walmart - Cheesus Christ Cheese Grater - Our Grate Lord Jesus: People of walmart can be pretty irreverent at times. Buying one of these and g

Wait for it...

I hope your day is a cold beverage. I hope your day is legend-carton. I hope your day is a gallon of legends. I hope your day is Coke dairy. I hope your day is carbonated dairy. I hope your day is carbonated white.

"Mushroom" As a Sensor, I find humor in literal interpretation, such as the puns displayed here. When there's a chance to make a pun, I always seize the opportunity.


Why wouldn't you want me in your garden? I wouldn't take up mushroom. I'm a fungi. I'd be no truffle at all.

I can't even deal with this

Terrible but can't stop laughing. 25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal. (I however think they are very clever) [ "Funny celebrity names",