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OK. So this is weird. But kinda awesome! I think I might need it. :D

oh my gosh this is amazing i think and when teachers say no food in class you can say but it is my pencil case! Lol so cute!

This is awesome! Thank you to whoever made this!

Superhero Squirrel

Funny pictures about Superhero Squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Superhero Squirrel. Also, Superhero Squirrel photos.

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag - 10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags.  I like the Shark Attack the best... the cadaver one creeps me out1

10 Weirdest Sleeping Bags - cool sleeping bags

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag -Actually called the “ChumBuddy”, it was created by 19 year old design wondergenius Kendra Phillips. The Shark Attack Sleeping Bag is 7 feet tall, hand sewn and is filled with 30 pounds of soft fill.

weird food products | Check out other weird foods from around the world in the gallery below ...

30 WTF Canned Foods

Canned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, plus Canned BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Or Candwich, that is. Definitely some weird canned foods.

The Incredible Story Of The Turquoise Cat

The Incredible Story Of The Turquoise Cat

The Incredible Story Of The Turquoise Cat. I think it is so cool that there is a real life turquoise colored cat.

…or at my house.  Five females in one house.  I would have invested in charmin had I known then...

Funny pictures about Taco Bell is prepared. Oh, and cool pics about Taco Bell is prepared. Also, Taco Bell is prepared.

These Smiling Dummy are another good reason to have a baby! They will put smiles on your faces and the ones of your family and friends. Contoured shield with ventilation holes! Genius!

Unusual Gifts and Baby Teeth Thumb Sucker Pacifier at Perpetual Kid. Most babies are already cute BUT stick one of these pacifiers in their mouths and people wi

This just seems wrong...but hilarious too! @Kendall Glavan work this into your next collection!

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.