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Gel boards as alternatives to sand trays

Institute for Multi-Sensory Education’s Orton Gillingham Catalog for Orton Gillingham reading programs

IMSE’s Orton-Gillingham Catalog of Orton Gillingham Materials, Orton-Gillingham Products, and Orton-Gillingham Supplies

Magic sand for multi sensory learning. Use on a cookie sheet to practice writing words or letters.

No mess!  Fill Ziplock bags with hair gel, food coloring and glitter.  Students can practice writing/forming letters, numbers, shapes etc.

hair gel, food coloring, glitter - my kids LOVE these! Make sure you put tape or something over the zipper side of the bag! We had problems with leaking after they were played with for a while. :) Hair gel and food coloring

Orton Gillingham Generic Sentence Sheet

This is a generic sentence sheet for Orton Gillingham sentence dictation.

great idea for writing without pencil and paper - fill plastic ziplocs with cheap hair gel and food coloring.  tape them to a table with masking tape and have students practice letters and/or sight words by using a fingertip or q-tip to press lightly on the top of the bag.  when they have filled up their space with letters, they can smooth the gel out again and start over

Bright and colorful sensory bags for preschool

To make these really cool sensory bags, all you need is some hair gel, baggies, and food color. I purchased hair gel from the Dollar Store and used food color that comes in tubes to make the bright colors…

Goo bags - recipe for goo.  I've had it suggested to use an entire bottle of dollar store hair gel, but you can probably get more vibrant colours with this.  That said, the bags did eventually mould.

Sensory mats - "Goo bags - recipe for goo. I've had it suggested to use an entire bottle of dollar store hair gel, but this is probably just as inexpensive, and you can make whatever VIBRANT colours you want." Letter writing with fingers or Q-tips.

Teach Junkie - 42 Free Fonts for Teachers {Goodie Bag}

42 Free Fonts for Teachers

Teach Junkie - 42 Free Fonts for Teachers {Goodie Bag} I know I've pinned a lot of these, but these are all categorized.

sand art- Asian art - I just was doing this with my new zen garden - relaxing...

One of my favorite parts of Orton Gillingham phonics! It is also good to use cold uncooked rice or grits during the winter.