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#5 Gohan | I'm going for all Gohans (besides grandpa Gohan) just because. We got to see his character grow and develop and when he got mad, The villian instantly regrets what they did to cause this change. Ands when he is a adult. He becomes what Jack calls a boss. "Fight you? No, I'm going to kill you." #Wolfthekid

personalities: kind caring as a kid. he was curious this is reflected in…

Arte: Goku

amazing athletic biceps bpsola dragon_ball dragon_ball_z fire flying hair humanoid lightning long_hair male muscular not_furry pecs saiyan solo son_goku super_saiyan vein

Dragon Ball fan art by amepati http://kumoriame3.blog4.fc2.com/   Goku & Gohan Super sayan

Dragon Ball fan art by amepati Goku & Gohan Super sayan