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"Open My Eyes, Lord" by Gary Oates is another one of my all time life-changing books.  One of those that I read in 1 day because I was unable to put it down.
15 Bible verses to read or memorize when you're anxious or stressed. God's word in the Scriptures is what gets me through difficult times of struggle!
Books - Goll
Bill Johnson.  I started this but I want to finish it.
Book: keep your love on by Danny Silk ... Life-changing book ---- I own a copy. Highly recommend!
Heaven is for Real - book about a 3-year-old boy who had an amazing near-death-experience, and lived to tell the tale.
Many people have said this book changed their life. Francis Chan, who wrote the forward, said, "It stirred my heart." Get your free copy today!
YOU can have perfect healing in your body, mind, will, emotions, and spirit. Jesus paid the price, so speak this prophetic decree over yourself and watch Him heal you!
I agree. Amen to this.
I like Charles Capps