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“To risk the destruction of the earth, for any reason, is selfish. But if you arrive to see the best in the person who takes that risk, no matter what the consequences… The reason can’t explain, you.

hay q miedo!! (SATCASMO)

Aw that proves that dipper is the best gravity falls character ever! Apparently Mabel and Dipper are so calm around each other when they know their twin is safe in the bed opposite them they can fall asleep in seconds💞

Those are MY lines by markmak on @DeviantArt I ant freaking breath omg

The look of rage on Tyler's face. Poor Durland looks so uncomfortable. XD(Those are MY lines by markmak on DeviantArt)

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Gravity Falls meets Scooby Doo<<< one of the best crossovers ever

Tik tok kid - gravity falls comic by Cosmic-Crackers on DeviantArt

Reaction - Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future by on @DeviantArt

Reaction - Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future. I want to do that and hug dipper and tell them how much I love the show

yeah.. i was wondering about this... and stan and ford are really fit for old men... am i right?

Tale of Two Stans>>> no because Stan is there grand uncle hence Grunkle Stan. The 40 year old is a grandparent to Dipper and Mabel.

Party crashers

Party crashers