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The Great Wall of China

Bucket list The Great Wall of China - you just walk a mile or some when you're touring. What an adventure to hike The Wall like one hikes the Appalachian Trail in the USA.

hotel splendide Casino Royale

Hotel Splendide from Casino Royale - The James Bond Dossier

Madrid, Spain

Over dogs every year are tortured to death in Spain. Dogs for hunting and Galgo races (Spanish Greyhounds). Hanged, thrown alive into wells or/and burned alive.

Sveti Stefan Tourism, Montenegro - Next Trip Tourism

Sveti Stefan is a small island that is very beautiful because it is complete with a hotel and resort is fabulous and there were on the edge of the beach

Montenegro, I've been there :)

Montenegro is on the money: Basking in the brilliance of this rising star of the Balkans

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ann Frank's   house. Helps keep things in perspective.


Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

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