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Wolves hold an almost mythical place in the heart of man. The call of the wild strikes fear and longing into the soul of those who hear it.

Gray Wolf Wolves (Canis lupus) are the largest (in terms of size) among the wild relatives of the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris).

Imagen de wolf, animal, and snow

Good+Morning+Call+of+an+Arctic+Wolf+-+The+cold+winter+days+show+the+Artic+wolves+in+their+beauty. Der+kalte+winter+Zeit+die+arktischen+Wölfe+in+ihrer+vollen+Pracht. www.

Never seen a Golden Wolf before…………

Never seen a Golden Wolf before…………>> it's so beautiful. everyone bow down for this beautiful creature.

you can't sit with us.  you just can't

Sa yup, huskies definitely look friendlier, haha! Some wolves look like a mix of husky and fox!


Wolf reflection - only problem is getting close enough to a wold and most likely others to get the shot.

Shaggydog is Rickon Stark's all black direwolf with bright green eyes. Because his family has been torn asunder, Rickon has developed a wild often violent temperament which is directly reflected in the behavior of his wolf.

Ladies of the Harem: Welcome, Pyro, the Companion of Lady Gretchen. He is an all black Direwolf with green eyes and will take on the personality of his mistress.

Silver female (alpha)

Beautiful Black Wolf, these majestic animals have long been persecuted by MAN