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Congratulations! You've won the cunt of the year award! | Congratulations Ecard

Its true Clear jars are a collectors best friend. So true! In Memory of My Best Friend Breast Cancer Heart Tee true

I'm single because we were incompatible. I'm an aquarius and he's a cunt.

I'm single because we were incompatible. I'm an aquarius and he's a cunt. hahahahahahahahahaa I hate that word but i LOVE this. and I really am an aquarius. this is just awesome.

...the next time your curious...go fuck yourself. Shouldn't be too hard..you've fucked every guy you met..just like your mom hence why you dad walked out

"I'm afraid I can't go. I've already taken off my bra so I'm in for the night." Totally me

Lmao...kiss my ass cuz you can't compete on even the most basic level #psycho #cuntessa

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Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: Just admit it, all any woman wants in life is to do Christian Grey-ish things to the entire cast of Magic Mike.

Because you're a nightmare.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Do you live on Elm street? Because you're a fucking nightmare.

It's funny because I don't give a shit.

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Green Day  Death Cab for Cutie  Sleeping with Sirens  Attack Attack!  The Devil Wears Prada  Anberlin  Flyleaf  Chiodos  Woe is Me  Hands Like Houses  Pierce the Veil  mewithoutyou  Brand New  Memphis May Fire  Asking Alexandria  My Chemical Romance  Florence + the Machine  Nirvana  etc...

Yep :) and look pretty especially pretty when I'm blacked out drunk laughing at dead puppies yeah pretty real and pretty photoshop

Mah NUTS need some fresh air, for the love of FUCK; you bitches mind backing the hell off of 'em for a hot minute? My fans are a bit over the top; I've received phone calls, text messages, letters, persistent (unsolicited) attention via fake accounts here on Pinterest, and even packages in the mail. Lucky me!

Stalker Dee -you are so crazy , jealous, and evil. I would say get HELP-but you and your Narcissistic behavior is way out of control. NOT everything is about you-believe this-THIS ONE IS! Bitch u are a fan!