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Hand Clapping Games, take a break with partners. Variety of games so can do a different one each time. Good for tempo and steady beat.

Hand Clapping Game "Bim Bum"- cute way to do body percussion. At camp--"All Hands on Deck" theme time. I want to teach fun hand clapping games and activities.

BIM BAM-serbian hand song

this is a good one to start with it helps children and adults to match the clapping with the song.

▶️ Rhythm Lesson - YouTube This is actually a pretty cool way of presenting rhythm and visualizing notes and note names.

Rhythm song -- echo song with hand motions teaches whole, half, quarter and eighth note values and shapes.

Instructions for the Cup Song

learn to do this! the cups song: you're gonna miss me by lulu and the lampshades from pitch perfect. I sing this song to my daughter all the time. It would blow her mind to do the cup part.

Muzieklessen voor het basisonderwijs, online lesmateriaal voor het digibord. | radetzkymars

Lots of different resources in German: Boomwhackers, Composers, Compositions, Songs.

Remember these classics from when you were young? Kids love them today too! Awesome videos of old-school hand-clapping games for kids!


Hand Clap Games are a great brain building activity. It helps with pattern recognition, crossing the midline (for some patterns), and bilateral coordination. Below are some videos of hand clap games we have enjoyed.

PreKandKSharing: TAP IT OUT - Steady Beat & Cross-lateral Movement to Begin the New Year!

PreKandKSharing: TAP IT OUT - Steady Beat & Cross-lateral Movement ~Ella Fitzgerald music is a good resource for this.

Creating an 8 beat hand clapping pattern - YouTube >>> Allow kids time to create and rehearse their sequence in groups. Then, present to their classmates. FUN !

AB FORM - Students create an 8 beat hand clapping pattern for A section. Group movement for B section.

MUSIC TEACHER RESOURCES - Sally Go Round the Sun. Keeping a steady beat and introducing harmony though a round.

TEACHING TIPS: This is the folk song "Sally Go Round the Sun" done three ways. The first way is to sing it with students holding hands and walking in a circl.