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Happy Birthday, Barbara Brandon-Croft! She was the first black woman cartoonist nationally syndicated in the mainstream press. Her comic strip, Where I’m Coming From, appeared first in the Detroit Free Press, and was acquired by Universal Press Syndicate in 1991. The strip features a cast of about a dozen women, who Brandon-Croft based on herself and her friends. (11/27)
George Herriman, creator of Krazy Kat
Hal Foster 1892-1982 Cartoonist creator of Prince Valiant 1937 and Tarzan 1928 comic strip's
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rotten tomatoe
Hägar the Horrible and his creator Dik Browne
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Happy Birthday, Stephanie Gladden! Started her comics career in ’93 and drew plenty of licensed characters (Looney Tunes, Ren & Stimpy, Wolf & Red, Pepper Ann, The Simpsons, etc.) In ’98 started writing and drawing her own comic book, Hopster’s Tracks. Worked on a story in Jim Ottavini’s Dignifying Science. Presently a character artist at Cartoon Network. Still draw plenty of comic pages too, including more of her own characters including Cricket & Plato-- a girl and her stegosaurus. (11/20)