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Harry Potter Twilight Memes | tem muitas outras... Bem eu adorei essas idéias e eu já coloquei a ...:

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts Teach us something please Whether we be old and bald Or young with scabby knees Our heads cou.

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Lie down...Try not to cry...cry a lot

Lie down...Try not to cry...cry a lot

Lie down.Try not to cry.cry a lot << This goes along with Harry being the third brother because in Beedle the Bard it says the third brother took Death's hand and they parted as equals

Who else love niffer!!

Who else love niffer!!

Newt Scamander and his sneaky little Niffler. I love how the Niffler's pouch is magical and can hold more than it appears that it can.D.

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