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new england patriots memes | ... Football,, but when I Do, I Make Sure It’s the New England Patriots

The poorest man is not one without money., featuring The Most Interesting Man In The World

:) very true. And to stay calm and keep smiling while the judge is staring at you.

So you think you're ready to move out? I'd go read that closing bulletin board again.

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"It sure is quiet." - Forbidden phrase in public safety

Because apparently they didn't understand "do you need anything else before I leave the room". After you just took off PPEs in an iso room

Exactly, because those moments when patients tell me how much they appreciate me and how good of a job I'm doing or how my kind words or just the fact that I listened to what they had to say made their day makes up for ALL the rude patients and all the Times they drove me crazy.

Even tho I want to rip my hair out, I couldn't be happier with my career choice. I must look like this on some days teaching. just like Sheldon Cooper, trying to fake a smile.