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How Alcohol Travels Thru the Body Infographic
Heartbreaking!  Jehovah is the only hope for the living & the DEAD!  Learn more at JW.org
Drug Addiction Recovery: In this infographic, we will discuss statistics in addition to both sort term and long term effects of each corresponding drug. The substances in this list are ranked in descending order of their deadly quotient. Let us now take a closer look at the 4 deadliest drugs in the United States. https://recoveryexperts.com/rebuzz/infographics/deadliest-drugs
Addiction Dependency and Effects of Drinking Alcohol (Infographic)
Which is worse for you, alcohol or marijuana? Infographic
Addiction Kills Infographic
Children of Syria - many are now amputees
The Mother's Embrace Kafranbel 2013 This is the state thousands of Syrian children are in, those who seek the embrace of the mothers they’ve lost.
The Alcohol Industry [INFOGRAPHIC] #alcohol #industry