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Star Wars Female Jedi Sexy | Cheryl Tweedy - Jedi Knight v2 by ~ SilentArmageddon

Star Wars Female Jedi Sexy - Cheryl Cole ♥ ♥ ♥ - Jedi Knight by ~ SilentArmageddon

Mara Jade...Emperor's Hand agent...future wife of Luke Skywalker.

A conversion of "Choices of One" by Daryl Mandryk. The original art can be seen here: [link] Choices of One conversion

If I were a Jedi this is how I would look.

Is that your light-saber or you are happy to see me? Artists imagine how a sexy Jedi would look.(More Sexy Jedi Knights.

Good Article: "Characters Done Right: Kreia of Knights of the Old Republic 2"

Kreia was once a Jedi Master but turns out to be evil and the main villain called "Darth Traya" in the 2005 Xbox/PC game "Knights of the Old Republic The Sith Lords".