Smile now cry later

Smile now cry later

He also had a stylized version of the Greek comedy and tragedy masks that took up almost an entire side of his neck. I remembered Cheli telling me that it represented the life they lived. Everything was certain to end badly – prison or death or both – so why not live it up when you are young and deal with the consequences later?

animal tattoo and chest tattoo Suffer to be beautiful originally .

Cool skull                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Cool skull More

Laugh Now & Cry Later

The Queen Mouse · · Printable Calendar 2014 · Cute Love Cartoons .

Chicano Arte

Chicano Arte

Yes Monroe

Marijuana Monroe "Gangster" Girl's T-Shirt

Correo: charly clemente vazquez - Outlook

CG art / Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on Behance

Gas Mask - Black and Grey Temporary Tattoos

Gas Mask - Black and Grey Temporary Tattoos

~Sugar Skull Girl~

~Sugar Skull Girl~ But with roses underneath instead of feathers

Simle now Cry later gonna be the new tattoo

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