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I'll never apologise for being who I am. I am who I am, not perfect and not fake , accept me or leave me in peace, I don't need fake and toxic people in my life.

The greatest act of Courage is to Be and own all that you are. Without apology, without excuses and without any masks to cover the Truth of who you are .

Lucy Ball I was told by someone on more than one occasion that I was the most screwed up person they knew.

We all have issues. Just different ones for different people.Lucy Ball - I was told by someone on more than one occasion that I was the most screwed up person they knew.

I remember exactly when this happened and I felt 300 pounds lifted off of my shoulders.

One of the happiest moments ever is when you find courage to let go of what you can't change. - Love of Life Quotes

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“I bake…what’s your superpower?” --My cooking definitely sucks, but I DO know how to bake--Yay! In a perfect world, there would be no evil cooking. Instead, we would be stuffing our faces with all sorts of baked yumminess for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

We this that's a great idea -- Molly McButter is perfect when all you want is the taste of butter with less calories and no cholesterol - mollymcbutter.com #foodtherapy #silly #loveforfood

is food your only friend? well heres a print for you! this liz lemon quote is inches, printed on high quality gloss card stock. *this quote is not mine, i just love liz lemon

This town will always be too small for all the dreams held inside my head. I'm sorry but I cannot stay.

I used to think this about home . But now I know it's not the small town that stops you dreaming its if you stop yourself believing you can dream! You can dream anywhere anytime!

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Life is short eat dessert first for wedding food sign - For Katastic. This is so me b/c i am always thinking of dessert before my dinners done:)

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For my daughter. I thrive to raise a strong woman. And to those who are negative about daughters, you'll only inspire me to make her even more outgoing, strong and opinionated! For my beautiful baby girl !