Sociable Children's Bookstores : cafe bookstore

Sociable Children's Bookstores : cafe bookstore

cafe bookstore - This cute cafe bookstore in Columbia was designed by Plasma Nodo for people to come to read, socialize and sip on a cup of coffee.

SJB | Projects - Guardian Childcare Centre

Pin 2 - The sand pit and fake grass inside allows children to explore their senses within inside the centre.

Kukumuku / Plazma Architecture Studio

Gallery of Kukumuku / Plazma Architecture Studio - 3

Kukumuku restaurant theatre by Plazma Architecture Studio Vilnius Lithuania 06 Kukumuku restaurant–theatre by Plazma Architecture Studio, Vi.

In a city where restaurant wait times can top an hour, parents need all the help they can get. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eateries with great pre-chow activities.

Hurry Up and Wait! 8 Restaurants With Fun Pre-Meal Distractions

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant (Critic's Pick): Waypoint Public. #BestRestos2014

What parent isn't tired of eating bad food in a lame restaurant just because the have kids. Check out our favorite kid friendly restaurants in San Diego that