Ozzy Osbourne Tattoo

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Image from http://cdn.antidepresivo.net/2012/06/calaveras/12.jpg.

Optical illusion - two different things.a skull and some sort of thing with two people.

calla lily and lily tattoos - Bing Images

Side Tattoo I LOVE Calla Lillies! My fav flower and would really love to have a tat done with a calla theme.

Tree of life. Signifying where my roots are and where your branches grow.

Celtic tree of life - tattoo idea, some detail for the piece on my shoulder :)

Clock, reaper standing behind,scythe breaks crystal @ TOD.

Nice way to incorporate angel wing. In place of the watch would be a yellow rose. Tattoo by Igor Igoryoshi, guardian angel wing, pocket watch, skull, The time when my lovely daughter was born.