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Semana 11 - Saber vs. Conocer - YouTube

Semana 11 - Saber vs. Conocer - YouTube

Preterito Bingo Humano Mixer from Spanish Classroom on TeachersNotebook.com (2 pages)

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How to KNOW when to use saber versus conocer

Spanish words: distinguish saber from conocer. Distinguir entre los verbos Saber y Conocer. Helpful idea for teaching kids Spanish verbs saber/conocer.

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Saber vs Conocer Graphic Organizer by LA SECUNDARIA  | Teachers Pay Teachers

Saber vs Conocer Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer will help your students better understand the differences between saber and conocer. They will have immediate practice with 15 practice questions. To receive freebies, updates on new products, and sales, click the green star!

Additional page: Spanish Times and Dates, lesson plans, and activities all for the spanish teacher. #learn #spanish #kids

Telling time in Spanish: Spanish times and dates. The website explains structures for times and dates in Spanish.