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Marie Lu, Legend, Champion book 3 Day- Literally one of my favorite quotes!

Marie Lu, Legend, Champion book 3 Day, one of my favourite quotes from Day

"There's no end to grief. That's how I know that there is no end to love. CALIFORNIA! Yeah, there is no end to love." U2, There's no end to love

Prodigy // Marie Lu lllllll this part. was the hardest part to go through between the first two books, not sure about the yet

~Legend~Prodigy~Champion~ THE FEELS llllll NO NO NO NO I WAS SOBBING DURING THIS

~Legend~Prodigy~Champion~ This quote! I died and now I'm dead!

HAVE MORE APPRECIATION FOR THE LEGEND TRILOGY! Or else Day and June will give you something to think about!

literally found this book randomly sitting on my bathroom floor and started reading it on the toilet when later I realized that it is one of the best books I ever read.

So they're making legend into a movie and im just so scared they won't find someone as beautiful as day. The book describes him in such a breathtaking way I'm sure someone like him doesn't exist and they'll mess up the castings. And they won't follow the plot. Help.

So they're making legend into a movie and im just so scared they won't find… << I didn't know that! This will be either amazing or SO BAD god help us I don't want a repeat of PJO

Legend by Mari Lu. I loved Metias so much...*sobs forever*

Legend by Mari Lu.*sobs forever* I'm begining to believe that anyone with the name similar to Metias will die and will be greatly missed

Legend by Marie Lu-If you haven't read this already, READ IT NOW!!! IT IS AMAZING!!!

One of my favourite things about June Iparis is that she always kept track of her dog.