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2D To 2.5D Isometric Conversion Pack - €10.72

To Isometric Conversion Pack -

Se acaba 2014: Este es mi Top 5 de apps para iPhone - http://www.actualidadiphone.com/2014/12/28/se-acaba-2014-este-es-mi-top-5-de-apps-para-iphone/

Mi Top 5 de apps para iPhone de 2014

ustwo, digital product/design studio based in London/New York/Sydney/Malmo. They are really famous for their game (for phones and tablets) named Monument Valley and they got a lot of design awards for it.


Mobile Game, Mobile Ui, Android Ui, Game Gui, Game Interface, Game Design, Ui Design, Game Ideas, Low Poly

This is not a mockup... It's not made up by tiles... Mostly made it for fun Also, non-isometric house are quite boring to work with... I guess that's just me tho done with 21 colors

Assets mockup at most. 22 colors Sorry because I'm not really that used to side-scrolling stuffs .

etall:  "owls creep me out"  The first piece I received for the latest round of submissions was Emma Tolley's phenomenal tribute to the eerie owls in FEZ. Literally as I was sending out invites and getting responses back, she sent this in. And I was blown away! Her vector/hexel work is a perfect fit (and you must check it out) for FEZ, but I was excited to see her do something a bit painterly too! I’m planning on updating on Mondays and Thursdays ideally, so keep checking back. And to ...

Just got this game and I love it. The art is beautiful, the gameplay is smooth, and it's a rotation based puzzle game.


Top-down spaceship & vehicle sprites for a game - spritesheet

Isometric pixel art inhabited tree in the marshes by RGBfumes on DeviantArt

Continuing my minimalistic pixel art series. Isometric pixel art inhabited tree in the marshes

pixel art environment - Google Search

Dungeon Rock by on deviantART (See the other links on the art page for UI and design-process versions.