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Vintage Gulf Lite Charcoal Starter Lighter Fluid Can 1 Pint

Daddy's lighter fluid for his Zippo. I can still smell it!

Lighter fluid for lighters! My dad used this for his pipe lighter.

Schaeffer Cartridge Pen

Cartridge ink pen-used all the way through college and beyond. Had an ink stain on my right middle finger. I still prefer to write with real ink and a good pen nib!

Band- Aid.. and we always saved the containers to store something in.. lol.

Remember these? Metal tins with the flip top.When the bandaids were gone, Grandma used to save rubber bands in the tin!

1970's lysol can | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

era Lysol can - my Mom sprayed the house down with this stuff at least once per week. Seems like it was always Saturday because that was usually "cleaning day" - LOL --it always made me gag when my mom used it

MRT Handcrafted Wood Wall Mount Hymn Board for Church Chapel 30" Robert Smith

Hymn Board~ Oh my. Such memories of going to church with grandma and grandpa. I always wanted to be the one to find the hymn in the book

Jello 1-2-3. My mom made this

I remember Jello when I was a kid. Three layers, regular Jello on the bottom, and kind of a whipped cream on top -- I don't recall.

Pick up sticks

Pick-up sticks. I had a pick-up stick competition with all my grade students and they loved playing with them.