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Ouran High School Host Club Manga - Read Ouran High School Host Club Online at .... Complete, and one of my favorites.

Read Ouran High School Host Club manga chapters for free.You could read the latest and hottest Ouran High School Host Club manga in MangaHere.

Anime- Ouran Highschool Host Club.. .BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER TAMAKI ADMIT IT!!... That is pretty much what I yelled the whole time I watched OHSHC:

Anime- Ouran Highschool Host Club NO but I love this part because everyone's face is like "WILL HE GET IT?

Hosts by on @deviantART| i like this style, it seems familiar though.

Ouran High School Host Club i finished the series last night and i was almost crying i hate them but i love them.Haha jk I was crying haahah *gross sobbing*

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Haruhi Fujioka

Anime- OHSHC (Ouran High School Host Club)Quote by- Haruhi Fujioka(episode Anime Quote

When i once started watching OHSHC i tought Tamaki was going to be the typicall pretty and perfect boy i'm glad he wasnt, he was just a sentimental and a silly pretty boy

Tamaki Suoh- Ouran High School Host Club i just died like times this is a amazing picture!

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Read Yanki-kun to Megane-chan Online. The story starts with a seemingly unassuming class rep Adachi Hana who has taken an interest in the school's known delinquent, Shinagawa Daichi.

trust Mori and Honey...they know whats best...especially Honey. his idea for a cure would probably be to eat a lot of cake :D

Ouran Highschool host club the host club should use that as an idea for their club one day and the idea would basically be that they're curing lovesick guests<--- yes.

Like if you get it

crossover - ouran high school host club and homestuck.I warned you about those stairs bro

This scene was so cute

Haruhi and Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club) awww I want a relationship like this :(

Haha!! Ouran Host Club

I did this months and months ago. This was a short Ouran High School Host Club strip done for the extra section in '.

Ouran High School Host Club 81 Page 20... my reaction: eeeeeeeeeeeee *flails about*

Ouran High School Host Club 81 - Read Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 81 Online - Page 20

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