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Considering the divorce rate where it is easy to get, it appears not many people are really committed to making the marriage work. Sad isn't it?

Old times.. - 9GAG

Old times..

Say goodbye to this era. No one grows Old together in this day and time. Wonderful time when promises meant something

Relation Amoureuse – Québec Meme +

Relation Amoureuse – Québec Meme +

Marriage is not easy. Marriage is a lot of work. If you're the type of person who can't take responsibility for your mistakes, runs when times get hard, can't live without putting yourself first and refuse to see that you expect only perfection when you are anything but, then you have no business being married.

Marriage isn't beautiful but it is the most rewarding endearing love ever.


an article on motherhood and sons. "It is said that as a wife, I am my husband's mirror. I reflect back to him his successes or failures. Through my responses and behaviors towards him, I am showing him the image of who he is, and how he is doing, as a

You can't call yourself his girlfriend while he's still married to his wife, Whore.

"I don't mind pressing one for English. I just want to be connected to someone who actually speaks English when I do!