Water density experiment with skittles

Science experiments for kids - skittles water density rainbow. Much better explanation of why it works (sugar is more dense than water.the more sugar, the denser it is).

4 FUN experiments for Kids that explore liquids, colors, reactions, and more!

Science for Kids - Experiments ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose: Exploring Liquids- oil + colored water, oil + colored vinegar (and then add baking soda!

Simple Salt Water Density Science Experiment {Saturday Science}

Salt Water Density Science Experiment for Kids

Set up a simple salt water density science experiment to explore sink and float. Salt water density science is great hands on learning play too.

Filtering Experiment – can you do better

Filtering Experiment for kids

Fun Filtering experiment for kids, can you get better results than us? We tried filtering the water using 3 different sizes of stone, pouring the water through the biggest stones first

Sink or float experiment

Sink or Float: An Experiment with Seltzer Water

A simple science experiment that my kids loved doing - find out what sinks, floats (or even dances) in seltzer water

The Poem Farm: Does it Sink? Does it Float? Poem #351 - A buoyancy poem (with one of my favorite rhymes buoyancy/toy and see) from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's ad-free and searchable blog full of hundreds of children's poems and mini lessons for home and classroom - www.poemfarm.amylv.com

Here's a fabulous poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. Great for a sinking and floating lesson.

Looking for a quick activity to do with the kids? Create your own salt water experiment!

Salt Water Experiment

Looking for a fun after school activity to do with the kids? Try this fun salt water experiment!