It's hard to believe this is a miniature scene!

The "Time Out for the Soaps" room box depicts a woman in the taking a break from ironing to listen to a radio soap opera.

1:12 scale on thread spool

This is a miniature sewing scene that my Mom made on an old spool of string that belonged to her father. Miniature Sewing Scene on Old

Hard to believe it's miniature! featured in the Dec12 issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene.

Sunlight illuminates a living room all decorated for the festive season made by Caroline McFarlane-Watts as featured in the issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene.

Karina Schaapman's Mouse Mansion by Misako Mimoko

this is just simply amazing! from the overflowing laundry suds to the rabbi portraits in the dining room- every nook and cranny is another ooh and aah moment

casitas  casitas

I used to make these when i was young! Illustrator Mar Cerdà creates small, charming dioramas out of cut paper. When viewed just right, the scenes appear life-sized and reminiscent film stills.

Laundry room in a laundry soap bottle by Gracie Oliver arts

GRACIE OLIVER ARTS: Dollhouse - Oh my goodness. There must be a world of people making miniatures. So clever and patient, with small, nimble fingers.