Babies see in black in white early on, so a high-contrast, black and white mobile is perfect for newborns. Here are some instructions and links to templates.

DIY High-Contrast Baby Mobile

High Contrast Images-(tracking cards, cvi bingo)

High contrast black-and-white patterns are perfect for a newborn’s visual stimulation and development. While adults can clearly distinguish between all colors, babies can decipher only the high contrast of black and white! Check out Bright Eyes baby blank

THE KAWAIIDEZIGNS NEWBORN RANGE. These newborn toys are specifically designed to enhance neurological and visual development in newborns to 6 month

Crinkle Sound Newborn Sensory Activity Blanket Natural Organic Tag Baby Black White Contrast Chevron Taggy Ribbon Mink Wooden Bead Ring By KawaiiDezigns

PRINTA E DOBRA Black and white cards for newborn - Free Printable Cartões em preto e branco para recém nascidos - Download grátis!

Additional Information:Here are some ways which you can do to prevent jealousy of your new born: o It is good to prepare your older child especially if he is

Copy these high-contrast images onto a Word document, print, make flash cards or mobile for baby.

Copy these high-contrast images onto a Word document, print, make flash cards or…

great mobile idea

Benjamin's Nursery Tour

Picture card mobile- I would also use pictures of my family in this mobile as well.


Not sure how much cribbing we will be doing but love these DIY high contrast mobiles. -SH -- How to Make Your Own High Contrast Baby Mobile

Free Downloads - Infant Stimulation Cards

Free printable infant high contrast flash cards, could be cute to use as mobile


baby early learning cards black and white card flash cards Newborn .