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Danielle Black Ink Crew Chicago  Black Ink Crew Chicagoepisode 6 season 2 "Congratulations You Played Yourself" showed Danielle and Terrence get into multiple heated arguments. The couple has been together for over seven years and are finally moving in together. Terrence is stressed out and doesn't think Danielle is helping out.  While Terrence is moving boxes Danielle decides to take a break and have a drink. Terrence calls her out for her lack of effort and Danielle claps right back. The…

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Watch Jenna Coleman with ‘Game of Thrones’ stars in new ‘Me Before You’ trailer

Watch Jenna Coleman with 'Game of Thrones' stars in new ‘Me Before You’ trailer

#PulpFiction (1994) - Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction Quote "Isn't it more fun when you don't have permission"


I fall asleep and awake into Freud’s office in my dreams. I know it’s Sigmund Freud, but he looks like Woody Allen, with his New York accent. He’s the Woody Allen from Manhattan,…


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