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( How do you describe a birds song without a recording? This bird tattoo does a good pretrial of a birds song. In Sonnet 73 the bird is singing among the bare trees. annonce téléphonique / message téléphonique / téléphone fixe…                                                                                                                                                     Plus

Song bird singing and dj time!

I love music...

I love all types of music and want to learn how to play the piano all my life now the fingers and hands dont work so good guess I will have to wait til Im young again in paradise.question will there be pianos in paradise?

Tattoo on the right

Violin guitar and treble clef vector 1163785 - by alexkava on VectorStock®

treble clef cat music and cats. all i need in life ;D

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But I would only get the word love without the base and treble cleff heart.

I not a fan of tattoos, but I think this is lovely things-i-love

Best Shadow Clef tattoo design idea See unique Shadow Clef tattoo ideas for men and women. See more about Shadow Clef tattoo

I LOVE this Tattoo Soooooo much!!!!!!!!

Chaotic Compass Hand Tattoo 15 Examples of Awesome Watercolor Tattoo Designs - Still in love with water color, definitely me next tattoo

modele de dessin de tatouage

Les plus beaux modèles de dessin de tatouage

Most Beautiful Compass Tattoo with Leaves and Feather. Add in a sunflower to tie in with sleeve

Notes, music staff and treble clef vector free clip art. Just what I needed for the rest often tattoo!!

Notes, music staff and treble clef Vector Graphics & Vector Illustrations

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45 Exclusive Ankle Bracelet Tattoo For Men and Women - there were 2 ideas I liked -- want one to cover the scar from 2 surgeries, but still looks good w/ heels & a shoe w/ a strap(s)

Super cool, not for me though

Really fun tattoo I did of a music tree with music notes for leaves and the trunk, on the side of a calf. Still one of my favorite pieces so far :) Tree of life.

Hommage à Tim Burton || Jack and Sally by Laetitia Lamblin

& we could live like Jack and Sally if we want. ❤ Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Fan Art

Music Pulse, Notes, Clef, Frequency, Wave, Sound, Dance by boom-art

‘Music Pulse, Notes, Clef, Frequency, Wave, Sound, Dance’ Sticker by boom-art

Music pulse, music is my life!

Community Post: 20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

Music can change the world - apopofprettydotcom - free printable. I have always believed this phrase. And look who wrote it one of my very favorite composers, Beethoven!

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This almost tempts me to do have my Phoenix done as a watercolor tattoo.