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Wish I was told this when is young. Then I wouldn't have spent my life hating my body & being self-conscious.

Tell Your Daughters - "Tell them they inherited their ancestors' souls in their smiles, that their eyes carry countries that breathed life into history, that the swing of their hips does not determine their destiny.

Tell your Daughters they are inspiring.

Our daughter will be the second prettiest girl on the planet ❤

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Very well said, could not agree more. You can't change people, baby girl. See if you puts You/God in front of THEM, or walk away. Some people just don't fit.

Wise words

Fathers, do not let your sons forget. the strength of their mother - Nikita Gill


I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins.

Rantings of a beautiful mind

Every heartbreaker (lover, friend, or family.) has taken a piece of me. Heartbreak changes people or maybe our souls slowly fade to escape any chance of future pain.

Stop fat shaming! Be happy, confident, and beautiful!

It's also not worse than addiction, alcoholism, suicide, mental illness, and drama seekers who want any form of attention whether it's good or bad. It's time for adults to take responsibility for their actions. The truth will always prevail.

✨ @redtop2012

She is a champagne princess. A little bunny. A splash of class and sass all mixed up in a whiskey glass. She has a heart of gold. A life that's young, and a soul that's old.

Oh my gosshhh this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my whole entire life... I am not even kidding

Recognized this beautiful piece by Rudy Francisco within the first 2 lines. An absolutely beautiful poem by a fantastic poet.