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This was difficult to do, due to lack of detail. But for Celestia? Totally worth it. Hasbro, I really want toys of Celestia and Luna in their coronation dresses!

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she is the cosion of zecora. she is 13 and loves to cure people. her dream is to be a small town docter and run her own small town hospital.

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Fluttershy is a 15 years old female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little.

Feel free to use as a REFERENCE Please do not take the vectors from here because they are NOT mine MLP © Hasbro Tumblr post: ★ Credits ★ ↳ Front Views ↳ Cutie Marks ...

MLP:FiM Mane Six Artist Reference by *missmagikarp on deviantART my little pony friendship is magic color reference