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This infographic is billed as "mani prep" but it's a nice little routine to perform even if you just want to smooth your cuticles and your nails.
Mani-Pedi Routine
Manicure Tutorial
I do my own manicure because I don't trust these ladies at the nail salon. They cut too much cuticle.
Nail Care Routine
Ενυδατωμένα πόδια.!
Gel nails at home for 6 bucks.  I've totally been doing this for a couple of months now.  Love it!
How to do a proper at home manicure...
Nails that are naturally long without the help of tips or wraps are something that a lot of girls strive for. Part of having a perfect manicure is having long nails that aren’t broken and are all the right shape. How do you get nice nails like that? You have to start by treating them … Read More