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::Niall Horan:: "Hey, my names Niall. Yes, the Niall Horan from One Direction. I'm 21 and single. I like to sing and sleep. Stop by and say hi."

dailyniall: “ Listen now to hear chatting with You can listen on the Radio Disney app!


The way his face falls when no ones amused by his jokes, but we laugh anyway, 'cause nobody wants to see a frown on his beautiful face.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My baby daddy. Tho not really. But aaaaaaaa. I love this guy.

Glasses+Niall Horan= Hotness😍 Love you Niall💋

One direction

I am so proud of you boys! Although I miss these days I am proud of you. It kinda hurts knowing that you will soon be gone. But I know you have lived a great life :) I lurf yu:)

Number three: Niall Horan, said to have had a dalliance whilst In Melbourne with Sydneysider Melissa Whitelaw, is the other member of the five-strong British boyband who reportedly slept with the fan

One Direction fan slept with Zayn, Niall and Harry, it's claimed

Niall OTRA Adelaide, Australia I love their concert pictures!


Zayn: Of course I would be you Harry, because I would like to know what it would be like to have such luscious, curly hair :)