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Unfinished mansion in Brandenburg Germany

unfinished mansion in brandenburg germany front lonely mansion 2

1923 7 oaks plantation home

Seven Oaks Plantation, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. This photo was taken in The historic mansion was the home of descendants of one of New Orleans’ first settlers,Michel Seringue, who was the contractor who built the first St. Louis Church and the


Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned house located in Fairfield County, just east of Lancaster, Ohio. Interesting story to this one. Folklore has it that there was a mass murder in this house.

This is such a shame! One of the many things wrong with the Housing mentality of our country. We rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new house rather than fixing a masterpiece of a home like this. Don't get me wrong I doubt it would cost much less to save this house, but the reward of owning it would be great!

I love old houses - they have such personality. I have been in Coudersport and there are lots of beautiful old houses! "fixer-upper in Coudersport, PA" It's a shame that a lot of these beautiful buildings are being left to rot. Look at all that detail.

The Goode Mansion

The Goode Mansion: 1939 Lawrence County, Alabama, "Freeman Goode Mansion (Mrs. House built 1821 by the Rev." acetate negative by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Adams family

I want to own and live in a beautiful old home like this one. They have more character than new homes.

Abandoned House in Autumn.

The orange color was so prevalent, it seemed to be in the very air. My photo couldn't even capture just how orange a glow surrounded everything. And I've always loved this old, ramshackle house.