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Jah give me patience. Because, if you give me strength, I’m gonna need bail money to go with it.

Zip it lock it and put it in ya pocket

It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.

: D

Ha photoshop every pic but can't photoshop the ones that they post on your work page that someone else posts of you or the ones that you aren't posing turned side ways to hid your huge ass stomach rolls a FUP!

serenity to accept stupid people....  heh heh  yep

:) [ "(Psalm \"Let everything that hath breath praise The Lord. Praise ye The Lord.", "Oh Happy Day! (Even the little creatures Prais


More like ALL people. Well, I'm talking about the ones who stab you in the back or blame you for things you didn't do, or get offended by you scratching your head differently than they scratch theirs.


Hahaha live life yeh like a bitch apparently! That's all you are, everyone has seen it and knows it, you talk all this hype and guess whose pushing paper now! your all talk Hahaha dumb cunt