So sweet after all they have been though I love that they act like this. Plus Leo and Calypso are way cuter

I actually ship Caleo so Percy and Calypso stay far away from each other as possible or angry fangirls will find you and slap you!

ask the seven heroes of olympus - Google Search

pulchritudinous=beautiful I can beat that! That IS a word by the way! It is a noun meaning "opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England"!

D'awwwww. (Wait, what if Calypso and Leo's son and Percy and Annabeth's daughter become a couple?)

(Wait, what if Calypso and Leo's son and Percy and Annabeth's daughter become a couple?)>>>>Yes they will! OH my gods this is sooo sweet! My inner Aphrodite is taking over on this one!

Percy is the cutest boyfriend ever!

How amazing is it that they have shared plans for those intending to steal one another from the other?

Oh my gods. Frazels, Percabeths, Jaspers, and i'm going to assume Caleos kids. So sweet

Wait, Leo got MARRIED? idk if i should shout for joy or cry.

It's part of Percy and Leo's life.

I just keep thinking how at first Percy terrified Leo and by the end everyone is like they would be bffs forever when in the book they get off on a rocky foot. Then after that Leo falls in love with a girl whose heart Percy broke.

Head Canon #3 By H.E.C Are you coming back? - Leo Valdez and Calypso "I promised I'd be back, Sunshine."

leo and calypso headcanon - what is nico doing there?

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I love Percy's last line and Leo does have a girlfriend !

Lol percy u cant drown

Oh my god!XD "Sweetie, you can't drown. But I appreciate the thought.

lol. I do, don't i?>>>I have LOTS of nice things to say  *wiggles eyebrows seductively*

it's kinda sad that it takes them so long to say something nice about Leo. there are hundreds of nice things to say about him!