God Gave Us Friends

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Sisters By Love

To My Sister Margie. And to my daughter and son. And especially to my 4 Grand Daughters. Never forget your sisters. A Poem About Sister Love

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A  Friend's Promise

To my closest friends, and to those that need a friend... I'm here for u

a friend's promise goes both ways. I love my best friend like s sister and this goes to her. Send this to your best friend(s) if you like:)


But to have TRUE & HONEST Friends & Family in life, is the hardest and most difficult.

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Tatty Bear Forever Friends - poem for friendship

I'm so blessed and thankful for my friendships

Thankful for the blessed friendships I have

This ❤️ missing my bubba today.

Shade Of Ashes: Dissociative Identity Disorder: Losing a Loved One

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To a Truly Remarkable Woman! You sweet Debbie! Love always.

Family Ties Poster

Family Ties Poster