François de Clèves, duc de Nevers (1516-1561) .... Clouet Jean (1475/1485-1540)... Named duke and peer by Francis I in 1539. Lieutenant General of the armies of the King in 1555.

Clouet Jean Named duke and peer by Francis I in Lieutenant General of the armies of the King in

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William Reskimer by Hans Holbein the Younger (Royal Collection, Windsor Castle.

Marie Louise d'Orleans, eldest daughter of Duke Philipp I. of Orléans and his first wife Henriette Anne of England, first wife of King Charles II. of Spain, (26 April, 1662, Palais Royal, Paris, France - 12 February, 1689, Royal Alcazar, Madrid, Spain) Queen Consort of Spain from 1679 to 1689 as the first wife of King w:en:Charles II of Spain.

Marie Louise of Orléans Granddaughter of France She was a daughter of Philippe I The Duke of Orléans and his wife The Princess Henrietta of England, Scotland, and Ireland. She was Queen of the Spains as the wife of King Carlos II.

Marguerite adolescente (Bnf)- Sans attendre la dispense pontificale requise en raison de la différence de religion et du cousinage des futurs époux -tous 2 sont arrière-petits-enfants de Charles d'Angoulême -l'"union exécrable" selon les termes du général des Jésuites- est célébrée le 18 aout 1572. Le déroulement des noces a été réglé de façon à satisfaire les protestants, venus nombreux assister au mariage de leur chef.

Marguerite de Valois as a teenager, aged portrait of the queen of Navarre by Francois Clouet, Collection "Portraits drawn by the Court of France" around 1569

The Duke of Guise , Lover of Margaret of Valois before her arranged marriage to Henry of Navarre in 1572. In 1576 he formed the Catholic League to keep the new heir, Henry of Navarre off the throne. In 1584, Guise concluded the Treaty of Joinville with Philip II of Spain which declared that Cardinal of Bourbon should succeed Henry III in preference to Henry of Navarre.

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Francis I of Cleves, (1516-1561) Duke of Nevers. His grandfather, Engelbert of Cleves was the youngest son of John I of Cleves and Elizabeth of Nevers. John II of Cleves, Anne of Cleves' grandfather, was Engelbert's older brother.  In 1538 Francis married Marguerite of Boubon-La Marche (1516-1589), sister of Antoine of Navarre who became father of King Henry IV of France. His daughter Catherine of Cleves married Henry II Duke of Guise, uncle to Mary Queen of Scots.

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Picture of Mary around the age 13. ---The Fench king, Henry ll proposed to unite France and Scotland by marrying the young queen (Mary would have been four-years-old) to his three-year-old son, the Dauphin Francis. With the marriage agreement in place, five-year-old Mary was sent to France to spend the next thirteen years at the French coourt. Mary was tall for her age (she attained an adult height of 5 feet 11 inches) and eloquent. Francis was abnormally short and stuttered.

Mary, Queen of Scots around the age of Mary, Queen of Scots December 1542 – 8 February also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, was Queen of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567 and Queen consort of France from 10 July 1559 to 5 December

c.1577.Francis,Duke of Anjou,by Nicholas Hilliard.Elizabeth called the duke her "frog",finding him"not so deformed "as she had been led to expect.Смерть самого мл.сына Екатерины стала наст.бедствием для её династич. планов.У Генриха III не было детей и казалось маловероятным,что когда-нибудь они у него появятся,ввиду неспособности Луизы де Водемон зачать ребенка.Согл.Салическому закону,наследником франц.короны стал бывший гугенот Генрих Бурбон,король Наваррский.

Francis,Duke of Anjou,by Nicholas Hilliard. Elizabeth called the duke her "frog",finding him "not so deformed"as she had been led to expect.

Jean de la Rochefoucauld, abbé de Marmoutier (vers 1525-1583) .... Clouet François (vers 1515-1572), peintre, dessinateur

Jean de la Rochefoucauld, abbé de Marmoutier (vers 1525-1583) .... Clouet François (vers 1515-1572), peintre, dessinateur