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5.NBT.1 - In this lesson you will learn that the digit in one place is 1/10 the value of the digit to the left by using base ten blocks.
Inches to miles... I taught this to my third graders today.... we are finished with multiplication and I found this! What great application of a concept! Half were unsure, but this was a great way to reach my students who are rarely challenged. In groups, we will practice this according to level.
These place value puzzles are fun activities for math centers in 2nd grade!
My kids love Place Value Yahtzee! Learn how to play this fun place value game and download your free Place Value Yahtzee score sheets. Great for grades 2-6!
Decimal place value - dandelions and dragonflies: October 2012
Common Core Worksheets (3rd Grade Edition) to pair with Interactive Math Notebooks from Create●Teach●Share
learn the relationship between place values by multiplying numbers by a power of 10.
Love 2 Teach Math: 2.NBT.1 Place Value Anchor Charts