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this would be a cute play tent for kids. and you could fold it up when not in use

Convertible 3 In 1 Fleece Tent For Small Pets - It can be used to make hanging hideouts, hammocks and swings for chinchillas.

Amazon.com: Super Bird Creations Peekaboo Perch Tent, 12 by 6.5-Inch, Medium Bird Toy: Pet Supplies

Super Bird Creations Peekaboo Perch Tent, 12 by Medium Bird Toy - Product Description: Your bird will snuggle right into this soft fleece tent with a built in perch.

Peekaboo Perch Tent Large by Super Bird Creations

Super Bird Creations Peekaboo Perch Tent, 18 by Large Bird Toy

Budgie Hammock  •  Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a pet toy in under 70 minutes

Budgie Hammock

Budgie hammock I have some left over fabric I could so this with. Ferny will love it

CUSTOM No Sew Sugar Glider Hammock w/ by SugarMamasGliders on Etsy

CUSTOM Vine Hammock for Sugar Gliders // No Sew Fleece You Choose Colors

So not so much this design but i could use the method to make bigger ones or pouches

Adestramento de Cães - http://www.comotreinarumcao.com.br/adestramento-de-caes

Adestramento de Cães - http://www.comotreinarumcao.com.br/adestramento-de-caes

Corte correto das asas | Calopsita | Como cortar asas - YouTube

Corte correto das asas | Calopsita | Como cortar asas - YouTube

10 Most Simplest Ideas of DIY Toys for Macaws. Easy Diy Toy crafts for Birds to Keep those cute beaks engaged and Macaw Bird coloring pages for kids.

DIY toys, swings, maze or playgrounds for birds are the ways to entertain your little pet in a funny way. If you want to see some funny activities from you

Felix's favorite DIY bird toy.  Burrito paper towel roll!    Basically tear or cut a paper towel roll to three lengths.  take newspaper pages and wad, roll or fold (each has it's validity for a parrot) and then slide through the length of paper towel roll so their is newspaper sticking out of both ends.   But wait! What did I add to the INSIDE of Burrito paper towel roll?

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Cool Rainbow Mouse Swing

DIY little swing for hamsters and other small pets. Mini ice sticks are used to make swing furnishings. They can be placed on the table as decorations for people to enjoy, or put into a hamster cage as a toy for your hamster to play with.