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Building a sweat lodge is not particularly difficult, but careful consideration should be given to various details. Choosing a Location and Sitting the Lodge A quiet and secluded area is the obvious setting for a sweat lodge. Privacy is essential, yet the area must also be accessible. Once you have found the site, you must then choose where you wish to place the lodge itself. There is no hard, fast...

Alternative Methods for Maintaining Good Hygiene - Good hygiene is critical for staying healthy. It is a key factor in fighting off infection, illness, and disease.

How to build a sweat lodge

Make a Sweat Bath in the Wilderness

How to Make a Sweat Bath in the Wilderness. Want to build your own steam room in the wilderness? These simple instructions will tell you how to do so for relaxation or a thorough cleansing while roughing it.

Trampoline Tent. Seriously!?? Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up!! - tomorrows adventures

Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up! Would be fun for a backyard kids Sleepover!