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By: Kara Dunford Are you a visually impaired redhead in search of a spectacular pair of glasses to accent those gorgeous peepers? Dorothy Parker’s claim, “Men seldom make passes, at girls w

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Julianne Moore is an absolutely stunning woman.This look doesn’t require any fancy equipment or styling: just wash hair, dry, and straighten.

magda jasek - Szukaj w Google

magda jasek - Szukaj w Google

Julia Hafstrom (Håfström)

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In collaboration with BonLook, those beautiful cateye frames were designed by Skunkboy blogger, Katie Shelton. These fashionable glasses are such a lovely fit that will draw over all of the attention and brighten up your life with its shimmery glitter!


Women's Eyeglasses - SkunkBoy in Panda Pearl

Christina Hendricks, love these glasses!

Christina Hendricks models her sophisticated side in glasses and a tight dress as she launches search for Most Stylish Spec Wearer