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where do I start with this pin??? the pout? the eyes? sexy stubble? jawline??

he's been taking puppy dog eye lessons from Sammy! << And Cas! Have you seen Cas's puppy dog eyes?


Dean Winchester is pure perfection. Fanfic green eyes and a gorgeous face.

this has to be Deans most beautiful gif, right?

this has to be Deans most beautiful gif, right?>>> every Dean gif is the most beautiful

Supernatural: FUNNY Dorks. I can't handle   their beauty

This is the face that stops ghosts…

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki - Derp faces of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki aka Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural. This is why I love them!

this episode made me squeal hahaha ❤️ every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

dean Winchester, working sexy since the even Eliot Ness can't stop this hotness. The science of dressing boys in a style they rarely use!

Dean Winchester always looks good.

Damn, sexy demon Dean, can you hold these feels while I fangirl? Thanks, I'll come back for them in a bit.