The Balcony Gardener, seeds for small gardens. Designed by Chloe Dunne

The Balcony Gardener, seeds for small gardens: Designed by Chloe Dunne. PD We love gardening, retro and design - we think that these tick all the boxes!

10 calendarios para el 2014

Linda & Harriett 2014 Calendar = very heavy on pattern, and looks beautiful, but practically the dates are quite small.

Woshi Woshi not new but some of my favorite #packaging curated by Packaging Diva PD created via

Woshi Woshi

Woshi Woshi not new but some of my favorite packaging curated by Packaging Diva PD Wonder why this took so long to make the 500 club?

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The color back grounds frame birds and flowers. For the larger, one-day events, (basically The happening monthly) I like the idea of having a similar event flier design with slightly different features based on the neighborhood, time of year, etc.

Anticrise seeds for indoor #gardening designed by Julie Ferrieux. #packaging #design

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Me ha encantado este diseño de imagen corporativa, etiquetas y packaging de Carla Cascales para Can Carbonell, una granja situada en Girona que cultiva verduras y frutas ecológicas, un diseño sencillo, con aroma artesano y dejando todo el protagonismo a las propias verduras. Podéis ver el bonito portafolio de Carla en su web Comme un image.

Packaging design for Masia Can Carbonell, organic vegetables.Perhaps it does not even have to be as big and elaborate. But, what a good idea to brand your fruits and vegetables ( even Chiquita sticker-- simple) and everything you do!