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Values Coloring Worksheet, Therapy Tool, Self-help Resource, Printable, Counselling Template, Mental Wellness Tool, Social Work Printable - Etsy Canada

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Find this colouring sheet in a 3 pack bundle with worksheets to explore coping skills and emotions, too! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1336358178/values-and-feelings-therapy-coloring?click_key=93a2a960f150005d711077dbb910442a2ce17b3d%3A1336358178&click_sum=c24a65de&ref=shop_home_feat_1&pro=1&sts=1 This values worksheet is great for both youth and adult therapy clients! Choose a color for each values statement in the key at the bottom of the page, and then color each value in the heart accordingly. This therapy tool allows you to see how personal values have changed over time, and continue to change and develop. I've had clients choose to color while we talk, and seeing how they choose to color the heart often gives us something else to talk about! Encourages emotional learning, emotional self-reflection, and personal growth. Colouring is also a great relaxation, mindfulness, coping skill activity for anxiety or stress. This instant download PDF will be available to print immediately at home or at your favourite print shop, formatted to a standard 8.5" by 11" size. Enjoy!