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Curious Serval by Foto Martien on Flickr.

The Serval (Leptailurus serval) has long legs for running and jumping, big ears for hearing (even animals underground) and are camouflaged at cat

https://flic.kr/p/wTsyiz | 7 month old serval

7 month old serval cat. It is a medium-sized African wild cat native to sub-Saharan Africa. by Mark Dumont


Serval, a medium-sized African wild cat. I don't think I'll own a cat unless its a serval.

Serval by wwmike, via Flickr  They can jump 10-12 feet in the air! They can hear birds flying in their direction! (cat species series #32)

Serval They can jump feet in the air! They can hear birds flying in their…

Serval Kitten ~ by Johannes Wapelhorst)

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Servals are members of the cat family found in Africa, notable for their very long legs and large ears. Like most felines, servals are prone to melanism but with one difference: the feature is more common in servals living at higher altitudes. It may be that melanism bestows advantages to the mountain-dwelling servals, perhaps relating to heat conservation and camouflage in rockier alpine environments.

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Cougar - Mountain Lion - Catamount - Puma - Painter - [Puma concolor] are all names for this large wildcat that resides from Canada right through to the far south of South America.