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Sneak medicine into your kids drinks

This everyday sippy cup has a brilliant secret: a hidden medicine dispenser inside! When your child requires medication, just fill it as needed, snap it in place, and let your child's favorite beverage mask the taste. gotta have these when I have kids!

Yes please I need to go get more cocoa butter and I love that spray it makes my itchy belly  so happy but I never used more than one product together I'm going to have to try this out .. Since my stretch marks for baby number 2 are already trying show! Thank you for showing me this trick of yours I hope my belly can look as beautiful yours! Lol

"This is the best concoction ever created! Take these three products and apply them once a day starting at weeks pregnant. Once you start getting bigger and more itchy, up it to two times a day! I gained 60 lbs during pregnancy and not one stretch mark!

7 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves for Baby. Good things to know when the time comes. Pin now, read later.

Month by Month Feeding - Baby feeding chart from birth to 2 years. Because even though it's only been 2 years, I forget

BPA-free, The Medicator from Munchkin was designed by a pediatrician and serves baby liquid medicine in the bottle shape she's used to. Plus, the spout bypasses baby's taste buds, so she'll be less likely to squirm. Munchkin.com

We love the 'No-Fuss Medicator' from Munchkin. Designed by a pediatrician, the bottle enables you to give liquid medicine to your baby in a shape they're familiar with. The spout bypasses the baby's taste buds, so they'll be less gagging and spit-up!

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Oh my gosh - I totally DO THIS! even for my own medicine! What a great idea for forgetful parents (mom mush brain life saver). Also great to keep track of medicine times.

This sippy-cup leash keeps it from tumbling to the ground.

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Oh, this is a life saving idea! Sippy cups won't hit the floor. A strap attached with a suction cup under the table. I wish I had thought of this when my son was in a high chair. He was a Sippy Cup Tossing Olympic hopeful.

A nice cradle for a newborn baby and its mother. You can rock your baby to sleep. Well done design.

DIY Rocking Chair Cradle With a Crib --- You can comfortably read a book or sing a lullaby while softly swinging the rocking chair which also rocks the cradle. Best baby products, baby rocking chair, baby sleep products, parenting best tips.

Temporary Tattoos for Child Safety at an Amusement Park (also useful for autism spectrum kids, or even Alzheimer's adults)- use a permanent marker to write on child's hand or arm and cover with liquid Bandaid. IF LOST CALL (319) 555-1234

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DIY Temporary Tattoo For Kid Safety genius idea if bringing kids to fairs/parades/amusement parks. write your phone # on child's hand and cover it in liquid bandage. temp tattoo that won't come off in water//

Vick sensey

Congestion relief for babies Super cheap and super easy 1 tbsp of Vicks Luke warm water. Put your scentsy warmer on and put it in their room and watch the magic happen. great idea for anyone with congestion

What if you could mix baby formula as quickly and easily as you make coffee with a Keurig machine? You can, with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. We tried it out.

A Keurig machine for baby formula. No, really

Baby Brezza Formula Pro: Like a Keurig for formula. Indulgent but pretty amazing. If for some reason breast feeding is a no go, hello keurig of baby formula!