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i miss your voice, it was good to hear and see you. Thxs for understanding. If it wasn't for you, I would have nobody I would want to talk to. :) you made me feel better. Many thxs to u! Stormy
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I miss my best friend more than words can say.. She was like a part of me for so long, and I haven't heard from her in months. It breaks my heart to think things will never be the same... I miss you
Ok guys so I'm going to do this a little different then usual! This time I want YOU to pick some numbers and answer them so I can get to know you guys better! Answer as many as you want!(: -E
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MY plan for today? Same as always: Drink coffee and be sexy. LOL
i am scared to let people in for my fear of getting hurt again - Google Search
the best kind of love
I had this put on my husband's headstone.  I received a card when I was trying to design it, and i knew it would be perfect.  Unless you've been there you don't understand.  Pray that you never do. Our first holidays without him.  People say, "but you wouldn't want him back like that."  Truthfully, yes I would.  To care for him again, to have him here with us.....Sadness in trying to carry on, but knowing you are less without him.  Missing you so much right now.