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And then I was like, "whatever bitches"  and the bitches whatevered . | Correction Guy

I tell you, if they don't "whatever" pretty soon, imma play jenga with their lives! My love, Mrs. Madly in love with my husband.

Just believe...

Yesterday’s eyeliner can be todays Smokey eye if you believe in yourself. But seriously don't do this with lash extensions

#funny lol  -    for some reason i SO just heard dr r saying this lol

Funny pictures about Don't sugarcoat it. Oh, and cool pics about Don't sugarcoat it. Also, Don't sugarcoat it.

Omg! Bwahaha #priceless

Too funny-- When I see rich snooty looking women at the grocery store I pretend I need something and say "excuse me do you work here" just to help keep things real!

Sup cause I'm hardcore sheeettt!! :D

Funny pictures about Walking through with style. Oh, and cool pics about Walking through with style. Also, Walking through with style.

Omfg yes calm down!

Middle School // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Everyone knew this kid.


hahaha, this is SO me! Every time I hold a baby, I have to talk my ovaries down like a hostage negotiator. 18 to life, man. I know it smells good! Stay with me!